A Message From Cornerstone Baptist Church

I'm Goin To Heaven

 ©BMI Dean Mayes

Without You Jesus ©BMI Dean Mayes

Winner Either Way©BMI Dean

You Can't Fight The Devil Without The Lord

© BMI Dean Mayes

See Them All Again

© BMI Dean

You Are Loved

© BMI Dean

All Lives Matter © Dean Mayes BMI

God Knows Me 

God Knows Me: 
Writer Mark Dean

Christian music ministry artist Mark Dean penned this song after considering the idea of who exactly he would want to know him. As you listen to this powerful song, take time to consider the same question. Whom do you want to know about you?

What Friend We Have In Jesus, is more than an old hymn to Mark. The day Mark realized that Jesus was indeed his best friend. His world CHANGED!! There is nothing that would make Mark happy like knowing that you too have found that Jesus is your best friend. 

Many of us grew up hearing and singing the old hymn Amazing Grace. Yet many of us had never really taken the time to contemplate what that Amazing Grace really is. 


This Amazing Grace, was displayed in Mark's life, when before Mark had a relationship with Jesus. That Jesus was already working things out for good. Just like Jeremiah 29:11 says. God has plans for good not harm for you. 


Please visit Mark's testimony page to learn more about Amazing Grace.