Great News for Everyone Behind Mark Dean Revival

We have great news for everyone following the Mark Dean Revival Blog. We have been in the process for sometime now to Add more prison's to our monthly ministry outreaches. God has just worked this out for us. We will be in a Missouri 3x each month. WOW!!! ONLY God could do this.

Becki and I will continue to add nursing homes, as well as shelters, homeless ministry on top of our Church concerts each month. We are still traveling out of Missouri 2 weeks each month. God is on the move.

I also have a very big announcement coming very soon. I can't go into detail about it just yet, but I will say this. For years people have been talking about how God has touched them through my testimony. Which by the way is only a testimony of what God can and will do for anyone. God has opened a huge door because of what he has done for me. This will affect millions only God could open such a door. Please I ask you to keep this venture in prayer!

God is AMAZING and his love for us is greater than we could ever dream. Oh how I love Jesus. Please continue to request our songs played on your local stations. Also please continue to share this web site with your friends. People are being reached right here on the site.

Thank you in advance for your continued support to this ministry. In prayer and financial ways.

Remember this God loves you so much He sent HIS only son into this world for YOU! (John 3:16)

Mark Dean Revival

PO BOX 56 Piedmont MO. 63957

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