Alive and Breathin, but NOT Living

Many years ago I thought if I had money, a large home, cars, owned my own company, a wife, children and all the things the world said equated living. I would be happy and be living life.

I learned that none of that was true! Sure at the time it appeared I was at the top. I had it all, and by the worlds standards I was living life to the fullest. However, the truth was I was empty, and felt I never made enough money, never measured up with my family, something was missing. I just didn't know what.

Later on I learned that what was missing was really a who not a what. I needed Jesus, and a relationship with Jesus.

This relationship with Jesus caused me to look further at other relationships. I had several people in my life who were beating me down who were belittling me daily. They were depositing only negative, hurtful, and abusive contributions into my life. As I looked prayed, and grew in the Lord. It became clear that those people who were negative in my life. Needed to go and go quickly.

Not only does the negative cause harm, but it will keep you from becoming who God designed you to be. It will hinder your growth and keep you from living life Abundant and Free! In John 10:10 the Bible says this “ The thief ( Satan ) comes only to steal, kill, and destroy. I (Jesus ) came that they ( you ) may have life, and have it abundantly” .

When we continue to live by the worlds standards, or live with people causing us mental, emotional, or physical harm we are not living life. We are merely breathing, and going through the motions.

This change is sometimes hard. However, if we truly want to bring honor to Jesus. We are to live life in abundance. We are to live life free! We are to distance ourselves from those who hold us back, or hold us down.

How do we leave behind the breathin and accept the livin'

We start by asking Jesus into our heart. While it is a simple thing it is the most important invitation you will ever extend. You ask Jesus into your life by praying this very simple prayer.

Jesus I love you, I want to ask you into my heart. To lead and guide me. I want to repent of my sins and be forgiven. I know that you died on the cross for me. In Jesus Name Amen”

The next steps are to read all the information in the Bible you can about building your relationship with Jesus. How to live free, how to live abundantly. You will need to begin to replace those superficial relationships with deep relationships rooted in Jesus.

Replace negative people and influence with Jesus! In doing this the Lord Jesus will bring like minded people into your life. Those people will begin to encourage you and help you to grow in every way. You will begin to live life in God's abundance. God's abundance is living happy and fulfilled. God's abundance is being exactly who you were created to be. God's plan is not that we suffer or that we just breathe in life, it is not that we do without and it is not that we are beaten down. But to walk boldly in Christ, and live in his abundant Grace, and His mercy. Today is your day, begin to experience his Love, peace, joy.

Here at Mark Dean Revival, I am happy to pray for you or with you at any time. Feel free to reach out to us, we do want to hear from you. You may visit the contact me page here on this site.

May God's abundant Grace and the Holy Spirit lead you on your journey of life.

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