Tune Up My Hope

Building a Foundation of Hope

Even if you know Jesus as your Savior, you can still lose hope. We learn in Proverbs that "without hope our heart becomes sick" (Proverbs 13:12).

When our hopes becomes lost or frail, we can be overcome by a deep sense of despair. This happens for many reasons. The fact is this world is hard to live in. People hurt us, let us down, we may loose a job, our home, or our business. We may even loose a loved one that causes our hope to drift.

Here are four every day steps to build a foundation of hope. The foundation you build will either carry you through the storms of life or will crumble beneath you. The following four steps will ensure that your Hope in Jesus will bring you through your struggles of life.

1. Submit yourself to God. God is the source of our hope. Seek him humbly, and He will restore you

(1 Peter 5:6-7).

2. To grow and strengthen your faith. Remember what God has already done for you. This will help you to renew your hope. God has given us written record of countless ways He has provided hope for believers in centuries past. Look to His word for find accounts of hope restored. (1 Chronicles 16:11-21).

3. Trust God's timing. Trust in the fact that God see's the entire situation. Trust in the fact God is working your situation out for YOUR BEST. Sometimes God answers our prayers and fulfills our hopes quickly At other times, for His own divine reasons, He allows us to wait. Tho we may not understand we can reflect upon even in the Old Testament God did make even Abraham wait until he was old to have a child. Not that God did not want Abraham to be a father but that God wanted it in His perfect time.

.4. Thank God today. Even when it is hard to rejoice, because we do not want to wait or we do not understand God's time table, rejoicing enables God to perfect us in ways we are unable to see at the time. And this kind of hope, purified in the crucible of waiting, and sometimes suffering, "does not disappoint" (Romans 5:1-5).

If you are struggling today and find yourself loosing hope. Contact me I want to pray for you and with you. You may e mail me at markdeanrevival@gmail.com or you may call me at 573-535-9774. Becki and I will pray with you.

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