God Heals!!!

We often get duped into believing that Dr's know everything. Yet in reality Dr's hands and minds are tools, that the Lord God gave us while we are on this earth.

It is true that Dr's are very smart and they can assist in our physical healing. However, the Bible says that

Recently the Mark Dean Revival Team had the honor to pray for two young teens in CA. After they had been involved in a rollover accident. One of the teens had a broken neck and the dr's were getting ready to go into surgery. An additional pre-op x-ray was ordered and as the dr's reviewed it again without medical explaination the break was gone. The dr's were correct in the fact the explaination was spiritual not medical. The Lord who heals showed up and touched this young man.

You see God never changes. He is the same yesterday today and forever. Hebrews 13:8 Therefore his healing power is still available today and its available to you.

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