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 I have battled breast cancer over the years. Went through treatments and all the things the dr's say work. ( Or should work ) Only to find out that they were not working like they had planned. When Mark Dean and his revival team began to pray. I felt a warm tingling feeling, in my chest and I knew I was being healed. The dr's confirmed the Cancer was Gone.

M.D. from New Jersey

I am Jew  from Israel, and I believe in G_D but believing in Jesus or healing was not something I am accustom to. However, some friends were visiting from the U.S. when my brothers young son grew ill. My brother and his American friend were talking when the friend said let me contact Mark Dean and the Mark Dean Revival. They will pray. Mark prayed and a short time later My nephew was up wanting to play and eat cake. My brother and his wife began to question this praying, this power. They gave their lives to Jesus, that very night. I gave my heart to Jesus and accepted him as my savior the next day.

Praise UP DATE from Israel, since this praise report was posted there have been an additional 61 salvations. This brings the total to 93 in Israel. 

My sister was diagnosed with cancer of the breast. It has spread to her spine, and throughout her body. The decision was made to call in Hospice. I also called Mark Dean and ask him to pray.   Mark and his team prayed. My sister began to feel funny. The Hospice nurse checked her out and could not determine what was really taking place. They sent her to the hospital, where after hours of testing the dr's determined that the cancer my sister had been fighting was GONE!!! not in remission but GONE. After they released her from the hospital she wanted to eat and go to a movie. All this from a woman who needed assistance to get to the restroom. Last weekend 7/30/2016 My sister entertained guest to celebrate her healing.

Mrs. Adams

My name is Mark. I have experienced the powerful life changing touch of God's healing hand. I experienced Chicken Pox. Adults normally get shingles not chicken pox. However, upon an emergency room visit it was confirmed I had the pox. The pox had actually covered my body my arm pits, my groin, covering my body. I called Mark Dean and ask him to begin to pray. The itch from the Pox began to ease however the Chicken Pox were still there. Mark Dean prayed continulally and when the Chicken Pox seemed to become worse I went to the ER. Mark was notified and as he prayed the Dr's watched the Pox fade away. God was healing!!! 

Thank you for contacting the Mark Dean Revival

God wants to help you, and heal your hurts. In order for him to do this. He needs to hear from you. There is nothing you could have done that is so bad that God will not help you. If you need prayer support fill out the form on this page I will pray with you day or night.

Your welcome to call me 573-535-9774. God really does hear and answer prayers. He is waiting to answer yours. If you have never ask God into your life, go to the be forgiven page or call me. We will walk you through the simplest change you will ever make.  

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