Mark's Ministry To The Aged Community

Over the past ten years Mark has  been blessed to make over 1700 nursing home visits. Mark has shared Jesus in song and through his testimony of hope, and healing. The ministry, and the call  to those in nursing homes,  became very clear during the time Mark was recuperating from his heart attack. It started with one simple visit just Mark and his  guitar. It has now grown from the one man, to  the Dean Team.  Often people want to know why Mark does  nursing home ministry. The answer is simple "it has got to be done, and we are the right people with willing hearts to answer the call". 


















The Dean Team

The Dean Team is comprised of all the contributers and supporters. Each person who has purchased any products or joined in monthly partnership is a team member. Every Dean Team member is a part of every aspect of the ministry, and as an end result to lead people to the Lord. 

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