Concert In Your Living room

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This is a very informal time to be in an intimate setting with just a few friends. A time to enjoy original music, hear first hand what God has done in the lives of Mark and Becki. Portion of testimony  not usually shared in a large group setting. 

Equally this is a time for you and your friends to become closer to each other and the Lord, by sharing your testimonies. 

Do you want a movement of the Holy Spirit? What a better place for it to start than in your own home. 

Many people think they don't have enough space. The truth is you don't need much space and you don't have to invite a huge crowd. The idea is to be small and intimate. 

Others say they can't afford to host a concert. You can make it a covered dish event have your friends bring chips and dip or whatever your theme may be. Then you can make Tea or coffee to drink. Again inexpensive to host and you will be lifted up spiritually and your relationships with your friends will grow deeper than you can imagine. 

Give Mark a call today at 573-535-9774 to get this set up. For the month of May or June if you book a house concert everyone who buys a CD will also get a gift. The Host or Hostess of the house concert will also get a gift.