Your Past does not 



Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus    (Romans 8:1) 

This world can and will throw so many problems at us, on a daily basis. There is so much hatred and "I don't care" attitudes. A lot of times, people sink into depression or turn to other ways to try and cope with life's troubles.


Drugs or Alcohol are two of the big ones, many turn to. Among many others, ADDICTION IS A HORRIBLE THING.


It is a black hole that we fall into. Deeper and deeper until we believe there is no way out of it.


I know this because I went through, an over two year addiction to pain pills. Tramadol to be exact!


 It almost cost me my life. The addiction and the world, almost took my life, and swallowed me completely up.


But the Scripture says, John 16:33 I have told you these things so that you may have peace. In the world you will have trouble.  But Take Heart! I have OVERCOME the world. (NIV)  This is your freedom.  This is the answer you are looking for. GOD!  "He" overcame the world, so that we can have peace.


Peace through any problem or through any addiction. Peace through anything the world can throw at you. I know this for a fact. Because I turned to God, and was Delivered, Healed, and then Restored back to the Life that God had for me, before I messed it up.


 God loves us all, and he wants us free and happy no bound to hurt or addiction. I am living proof of what God can and will do for anyone.  If we want it!!! 

If you are a Christian already but have fallen away from God.  Turn back to him. Repent! If you are not a Christian , go to the Be Forgiven page and say the prayer. Give your heart to Jesus today. He is waiting for you with open arms. 

Becki and I are here for you. Send us a message through the contact me page here on this website. We will pray for you and with you. 

Open letter to Jesus

Lord Jesus, It's not going to be easy to put into words where you have brought me from. The quick answer is that you brought me from the Pit of Hell. I had gotten myself in to that pit because of decisions I had meade in my life. Very Bad decisions that took me down a very dark and dangerous road. If it was not for your Grace I know I would be dead right now. Instead I'm getting ready to celebrate another Birthday on January 6th. My wife Becki is planning a birthday party for me right now. When just a short time agao she and I both thought we would be planning my funeral. Lord God you brought me from a place that wa evil and delivered me from people that were evil. They had evil ways and evil intentions. There was a plan to end my life.

Lord you watched me slide backwards farther and farther away from you and deeper and deeper into sin, and evil. Lord you had to watch me just slide away. Lord I know you would have rescued me at anytime if I would have just ask. Yet you would not go against my will, even tho I was being deceived. Yes I was falling for every trick of the enemy. 

I started taking pain pills believing that they made me strong and feelgood. My health started to go downhill. The more pills I took the worse I got, all the while telling myself they were helping me. So I took more and more and lied to myself more and more. After months of this I would look in the mirror knowing I was dying but telling myself I was just fine. All the while thinking I didn't have anything to live for anyway. So I turned to more drugs and stronger drugs. The lies the evil and my bad choices led me dangerously close to the end of my life. Not only because of the drugs but Lord I had stopped walking with you. Besides my health I had all but lost my kids, I had truly ruined our relationship. My life was over I just hadn't died yet.  It was over, beyond the point of no return, Or so it seemed. 

Lord one day I decided I had to stop, Live or Die I had to stop. I cried Abba Father help me please! God Help Me! Lord you were right there again. You were there all the while I just had to cry out to you. I had to want you to help me. I had to want it. Then came the Healing, the Deliverance and then the Restoration! Lord Jesus you bilt me back piece by piece. I was scattered everywhere, and Lord you found every piece and made me New! I've been adopted by the King. No more pain or guilt no more beating myself up over the lies that I believed. 

I have a renewed spirit, I'm closer to God, stronger than I've ever been in Jesus name. I have a great wife, my kids restored. Grandkids restored. Our ministry is exploding, souls being saved in the Name of Jesus. Everything is better than ever and all because of you Jesus, and your love for me. The great thing is Jesus you have this same love for all of us.